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WHat is your definition of happiness?

We define happiness as an emergent feeling that indicates when our needs in terms of survival have been met.  It is a balanced ebb and flow of pleasure and purpose over time. It is a feeling of peace, calm, and contentment. And happiness is an outcome of our daily behaviors, genetics, and context.

How do you optimize happiness?

We look to create the greatest amount of happiness over the longest period of time for the greatest number of people.

What do you mean by advanced design techniques?

Our team has designed and developed products and services for some of the best companies in the world, and trained and taught at some of the best design schools in the world, including the Royal College of Art. We use these same approaches (Design Thinking, Service Design, Speculative Design, etc) and focus them on the design for your happiness.

How is Masamichi Souzou different from other comapnies?

We don't optimize our company for profit, but rather everything we do is focused on our mission to optimize the world's happiness. This means that we practice what we preach. From our team's 4 day work weeks, to a focus on basic income, sleep / diet / exercise support, and more, we are designing everything for happiness.