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90 Day Happiness Challenge

A simple and powerful 90 Day Happiness Challenge + Community Access to help you reflect on and build your life for happiness

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We want to help you design the best version of yourself.  

We know that sustained behaviour change interventions and reflection over time can create habits and a meaningful change in people's well-being and happiness.  We created the 90 day happiness challenge to help you reflect on your behaviorus and increase your happiness and well-being in the long term.

This proven approach will help you create basic habits around basic, yet critical behaviours that will radically impact your happiness.

In order to do this, simply track and answer each question over the 90 days. The goal isn’t to complete or arrive at any particular number, but just to take time to reflect every day and find areas of your life that you may want to adjust.

You'll also gain access to our online community and support to help guide you through the process.

Once you complete the challenge, you can review your information in a few different ways, looking for trends in your behaviors or thinking over time on specific questions. Then consider what systems you may put in place or change to better support your happiness.

Unique Approach
Creating a context for happiness

Happiness isn't just about the individual going at it alone. We help you build the systems and relationships around you to better support your happiness.

Live Differently
A new approach to living

Too much of our world is created by companies that are looking to exploit us for their profit. At MMSZ we look to disrupt these interactions, and put the power for happiness back in the hands of the individual.

by Design

We are dedicated to helping you create a life of happiness, for yourself, for your business and those you work with, and for your community.

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