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Addiction Warning Case for iPhone®

Reminding you to avoid addiction and optimize happiness

$ 25 USD

Phones are an amazing technology, but much of their design is optimized for attention, making them a very addictive device. This simple phone case reminds you of the addiction danger, and encourages you do participate in other activities. Find the balance that is right for you, and protect your time and attention for the things that will bring you the most happiness in life.

[We encourage you to NOT buy any physical goods in general unless you really need it. It is important to note that generally physical goods and things do not increase our happiness in a meaningful way, unless they are fulfilling an evolutionary basic need, and can actually do harm to the environment and society through their production, consumption, and disposal.]

Unique Approach
Creating a context for happiness

Happiness isn't just about the individual going at it alone. We help you build the systems and relationships around you to better support your happiness.

Live Differently
A new approach to living

Too much of our world is created by companies that are looking to exploit us for their profit. At MMSZ we look to disrupt these interactions, and put the power for happiness back in the hands of the individual.

by Design

We are dedicated to helping you create a life of happiness, for yourself, for your business and those you work with, and for your community.

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