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November 3, 2021
Products to keep in mind

At Masamichi Souzou, we aspire to make the world a better place by optimizing happiness. Research shows that the maintenance of one’s physical and mental health plays a crucial role in determining the quality of an individual’s life. 

Keeping that in mind, we value organizations that work to keep humans healthy while simultaneously protecting our earth. By minimizing our use of products that damage our environment, we have the ability to keep ourselves healthy and happy while sustaining the planet. 

To begin, if we are going to buy or consume new products, our hope is for us to purchase from companies that care both about our personal health and the health of the environment. After researching factors that affect personal happiness and learning about pressing environmental issues, we have come up with a list of organizations and products that focus on optimizing our happiness while also attempting to save our environment. 

Within this list, we have included products that encompass different aspects of our lives that keep us happy; starting with home and personal hygiene. Under each of these categories, you will find several organizations, that after thorough research, we feel meet our values and high standards on how an organization should operate. 

Home and Personal Hygiene

  • HeyHanni - Each year, over a billion plastic razors end up in landfills. HeyHanni is an organization that prides itself on the reuse and the recyclability of their razors. They attempt to tackle some of the waste issues we currently face by creating an eco-friendly, reusable razor.

  • Last Swab - LastSwab is a small organization that found themselves frustrated with the amount of single-use products being thrown away every day. Their most popular product is a reusable cotton swab that can be washed after each use. In addition to this, they have recently begun the production of a reusable tissue box.

  • Boie - Boie acknowledges that personal care is necessary, yet the products we use are harmful to the environment. Their products, which consist of toothbrushes, body scrubs, and facial cleansers, all are created with a silicone-like plastic that is 100% recyclable. They even have a program that allows the consumer to send back their products when they’re finished.

  • Meow Meow Tweet - Meow Meow Tweet is an organization that focuses on bath supplies such as soaps, body washes, and shampoos. They take a stance against waste and animal cruelty, ensuring that their products are vegan, eco-friendly, and have little to no waste.

  • Public Goods - Public Goods expands on the work of many hygiene     companies. Not only do they focus on the key items like hair and body wash, they broadened their inventory to focus on everything from candles, to floss, to ramen noodles. All of their products come with a guarantee that they are sustainably manufactured and a promise that they are helping your personal health in one way or another.

  • Zero Waste Store - Like Public Goods, the Zero Waste Store covers all sorts of products; all while pushing towards a goal of keeping our planet in shape. They work under the notion that consumerism is difficult to keep at bay. Instead of trying to lower the amount people consume, they attempt to make all their products recyclable or easily decomposable. Their products range from personal care, to cleaning, to garden necessities.

  • Dr. Bronner’s - Dr. Bronner’s is an organization that has all sorts of bathroom goods, yet focuses mainly on soap. They attempt to manufacture goods that are multi-purpose, ultimately generating less waste. Most of their products are also organic. Dr. Bronner’s also claims to have 6 principles that guide the way they do their work; work hard, do right by customers, treat employees like family, be fair to suppliers, treat earth like home, and fight for what's right.

  • Blueland Basics - While many organizations on this list have focused on personal hygiene, Blueland Basics focuses on supplies that will help you live in a clean environment. Their products are based around recyclable kits that are meant to take up little to no space in one’s home. In order to combat waste, they make their bottle reusable and refillable. Their mission is to be eco-friendly, effective, and affordable.

  • Branch Basics - Like Blueland Basics, this organization focuses on cleaning supplies. Branch basics seems to hit all the criteria for keeping our environment safe and healthy. Their cleaning products are all organic, pesticide free, not tested on animals, and biodegradable. Their mission is to spread the news that products do not need chemicals and other harmful ingredients to have a positive impact. They push for pure.

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