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Organizational Happiness Design Workshop

Let's design your organization to support your employee's and customer happiness

$ 2,500 USD

What to expect

We work with you over 3 virtual sessions to discover your organizational needs, and design and develop interventions that can improve the context for happiness of your customers and employees. You'll learn basic tools, frames, and approaches that will help you find continue to develop .

What people are saying

"Helped us think about and begin to put happiness at the core to our organizational purpose."

"Practical approaches to improving the happiness of our customers and employees."

"A more holistic view employee wellbeing."

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Unique Approach
Creating a context for happiness

Happiness isn't just about the individual going at it alone. We help you build the systems and relationships around you to better support your happiness.

Live Differently
A new approach to living

Too much of our world is created by companies that are looking to exploit us for their profit. At MMSZ we look to disrupt these interactions, and put the power for happiness back in the hands of the individual.

by Design

We are dedicated to helping you create a life of happiness, for yourself, for your business and those you work with, and for your community.

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